iKON new label

iKON parted ways with YG Entertainment and signed to a new entertainment label.

After more than 7 years with YG Entertainment, all iKON members (Jinhwan, Bobby, June, Yunhyeong, DK, and Chanwoo) have decided to end their exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

On December 30, YG Entertainment released a statement:

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

We would like to announce that after a long and careful discussion with iKON (Kim Jin HwanBobbySong Yun HyeongKoo Jun HoeDonghyuk, and Chanwoo), we have all mutually agreed to end the group’s exclusive contract with respect to one another’s opinions.

We would like to express sincere appreciation to iKON for being with us as YG artists. YG Entertainment will always look forward to the members’ activities in diverse fields and wish the best for them in the future.

Also, we would like to deeply thank all iKONIC for accompany iKON on their journey. Please continue to send the iKON members your warm attention and support, as they are about to start a new phase of their journey. 

Thank you.”

Just a few days later, all members of iKON have signed an exclusive contract with 143 Entertainment— a startup management run by a rapper and producer, Digital Masta. 143 Entertainment also homes Limelight, popular rapper Dok2, Kep1er’s Mashiro and Kang Ye Seo, and more.

iKON has also announced their comeback in April 2023, their first ever comeback after leaving YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment has also granted iKON the privilege to continue using their group name, existing social media platforms, and fandom name, as YG wishes for iKON to continue the group’s success even after leaving YG.

We wish iKON continuous success in the future!

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