Song Joong Ki New Girlfriend
Source: Newsen TV

Song Joong Ki returned to South Korea with a girl beside him, and was even seen protecting her, as the two were swallowed by a crowd of photographers. BIGGEST QUESTIONS: Who is this woman and who is she really to Song Joong Ki?

A few days ago, Song Joong Ki was welcomed by a crowd of Korean fansites upon his arrival at Incheon Airport. But the Vincenzo actor arrived with a big surprise— a lovely foreign woman walking side by side with him which immediately made a huge buzz in the industry.

Seeing Song Joong Ki’s body language as the two were leaving the airport, fans couldn’t help but notice Song Joong Ki’s body language which made some fans think that the woman is special to the actor and could even be the actor’s new girlfriend. Some eagle-eyed fans even noticed how Song Joong Ki protected the woman as seen in one of the photographer’s videos. News about Song Joong Ki’s alleged new girlfriend immediately swamped the internet after his airport arrival videos went viral online.

Due to the huge buzz created by his airport arrival, just a few days later, Song Joong Ki’s agency confirmed that Song Joong Ki is indeed in a relationship with a non-celebrity.


Fans revealed that she is Katy Louise Sanders— a 38-year-old is a British who is popularly known as an Italian actress. She was in the Lizzie McGuire movie where she played as an extra. She also appeared in one of the episodes of Law and Order. In her acting career, she also won a Best New Performer Award for her portrayal of Giulia Farnese in the movie Los Borgia.


Fans speculated that after Katy Saunders alleged “retirement” from the acting industry, she was introduced as Song Joong Ki’s English teacher. Fans later on think that this must be one of the reasons why Song Joong Ki has become more fluent now in the English language.

After Song Joong Ki’s agency confirmed that the actor is dating, more videos of the two were published online, seeing the two attending a wedding and having a vacation in Bali.

Song Joong Ki mentioned Katy in an award show last September.

In Song Joong Ki’s winner speech upon receiving his award for his role in the drama Vincenzo, the actor thanked Katy which no one has suspected that her name will become a hot topic months after.

Song Joong Ki said:

“And my beloved Katy, Nalla, Maya, Antes. All of our friends who blessed us. I want to say, I sincerely love you.”

Nalla is the name of Song Joong Ki’s dog while Maya and Antes are said to be the names of Katy’s dogs.

Do you think Katy Louise Saunders is Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend?

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