Goodbye Road

From Love Scenario to Killing Me, the ending to iKON’s heartaching series has finally come to an end with Goodbye Road.


On October 1, 2018, iKON officially released their third comeback album this year.

It all started with the Return Album, then the Continue album, and now The Final.

It has been a year filled with heartbreaking songs for iKON— from the entire songs in the Return album to “Rubberband” to “Killing Me,” and now, iKON is giving us “Goodbye Road.”

iKON continue to give everyone refreshing beats and melodies that sound like harmony to the ears.

Add to that their smooth choreographs that are different from the usual sharp choreographs in K-pop.

The dance at the last part of the video is as smooth as a flowing water.

Check out the official MV of iKON’s “Goodbye Road” below:

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