Love Scenario

iKON is ending 2018 with a BANG by slaying Gaon’s yearly Digital, Download, and Streaming charts!

iKON’s Love Scenario is indeed the Song of the Year after it topped Gaon’s 2018 digital, download, and streaming charts.

Despite not winning AAA Awards and MAMA 2018’s Song of the Year awards, Gaon’s chart just proved that iKON’s Love Scenario is the biggest song in Korea this year.

iKON’s Love Scenario won Song of the Year at Melon Music Awards 2018.

After it’s release in January, iKON’s Love Scenario maintained its phenomenal success all throughout the year.

Love Scenario became the longest Korean song that stayed at No.1 in music charts, and became the song with the highest number of Perfect All-Kills of all time with 204 PAKs.

iKON’s Love Scenario is also the first song in K-pop’s history that achieved 100,000,000 million streams.

And only iKON’s Love Scenario achieved 2,500,000 downloads in K-pop’s history.

iKON didn’t have it all easy. After being called by some people as YG’s biggest failure, iKON proved that despite all the painful words that people told them, they can still shine together as a group with the lead of iKON’s leader, Kim Hanbin or mostly known as B.i.

Being together at their down moments, those moments made iKON even stronger as a group and found family within each other.

B.i. won Songwriter of the Year at Melon Music Awards 2018 after writing the phenomenal song Love Scenario.

Now that iKON found their color in music, everyone becomes even more exciting what iKON will be giving us in the next year!



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