iKON is finally back!


Yes, fellow K-pop fans. iKON has officially return and is charting #1 in South Korea’s music chart with their new refreshing songs. iKON’s new songs are totally different from their previous comeback. Their new songs are more like letters and messages that you can surely relate to.

Check out their Love Scenario MV below.

Meanwhile, here is iKON’s Return album on Spotify with all their new songs.


Waiting for iKON’s comeback, iKONICS prepared as well for iKON’s long-awaited comeback.

Here are iKONICS promotions for iKON’s comeback:

  1. “iKON Night” 

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    Filipino iKONICS requested one of their local radio shows to have an iKON night, once a month. For January, stay tune for tonight 10:00 PM PST/ 11:00 PM KST. iKONICS outside Philippines can also listen and watch this segment through this link https://www.facebook.com/mangoradiophils.

  2. iKONICS promoted iKON’s return in Time Square, New York


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  3. iKONICS promotion for iKON in South Korea

    Seoul Promotion (Gangnam District)

    Indeed, iKONICS are doing their part to promote iKON’s music to the world. After all, iKON, being a humble group, had released a lot of amazing songs like Just Go, Apology, Climax, Rhythm Ta, Bling Bling, and more, that the world seriously need to hear.

Check out iKON’s YouTube channel by clicking the picture below 🙂

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