What will happen to the eliminated trainees?

As Produce 101 Season 2 came to an end; leaving a total of 87 trainees eliminated (other 3 trainees left the show before it started), fans are left wondering about what will happen to them. While some trainees were eliminated early in the show, viewers have grown attached to some trainees who made it to the final. If you’re one of the curious viewers, we’ll be glad to update you on the whereabouts of some trainees. Check the list below!

1. Nu’est members

Nu’est members are scheduled to make a comeback later on this year, as a 4-member group. Other than Hwang Minhyun who made it to the top 11, 3 Nu’est members (Ren, Baekho, and JR) participated in the show but were later eliminated. Since the end of the show, Nu’est past songs have climbed music charts.

2. Hotshot members

Members Kid Monster and Sungwoon entered the show, but only Sungwoon succeeded in making it to the final line-up. However, thanks to the exposure the show brings, Hotshot will be making a comeback as 5 by early July.

3. Kim Samuel

Prior to making his debut as a member of duo 1Punch, Samuel was known as the youngest trainee set to join Seventeen. However, after 1Punch disbanded, he would be making a solo debut under Brave Entertainment.

We are sincerely cheering for all eliminated trainees and Wanna One members!

Photo credit: Star Seoul TV via Naver

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