After receiving several death threats, an Indonesian rapper insulted Blackpink Lisa on YouTube.


BLACKPINK Lisa’s fans appeal to Yang Hyun Suk to protect Lisa at all cost from this Indonesian rapper after he posted a video of him verbally sexually harassing Lisa.

Young Lex, an indonesian rapper, posted a YouTube video of him unboxing Blackpink’s album.

While everyone thought that it was just one of the usual unboxing videos, everyone was surprised when at the later part of his video, he started dropping sexual words towards Lisa.

The fans translated his words and the closest translation is that, “Lisa’s photo is good for masturbating.”

Blackpink’s fans are worried about this, especially that this Indonesian rapper has VIP tickets for Blackpink Lisa’s Moonshot event in Indonesia.

Fans called out Young Lex on his Instagram, but the rapper’s reply made the fans even more angry and worried.

Check out this video below:


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