Debut song ‘Hola Hola’

Co-ed group KARD from DSP Entertainment finally made their official debut. The 4-member group, which consists of J.Seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo, released their first song, Oh Na Na back in Dec 2016. For the song, KARA ex-member Heo Youngji – who’s also their labelmate – was featured. The group then released other 2 songs, Don’t Recall and Rumor before making their official debut with ‘Hola Hola’.

International reaction and Somin’s departure from April

The quartet received such a hot response from international listeners. They even held tours in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Europe prior to their debut. The Wild K.A.R.D tour allowed fans to enjoy KARD’s performance live.

Member Somin who previously joined another DSP Entertainment’s girl group, April, also opened up about her departure. While Somin was April’s leader, she spent less than 4 months with the group. Now, looking back, she said she has no regrets and is very happy with the opportunity to be with KARD members.

Check out their debut MV below!

Photo credit: Stardailynews via Naver
Video credit: KARD official YouTube channel

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