Extensive skincare

Talking about Korean skincare can never be boring. In fact, Korean women (and surprisingly, men) are famous for their flawless complexion. While it’s true that their healthy diet (which includes lots of vegetables) does wonder on their skin, you’d be surprised how seriously Koreans take skincare. If you’re interested in following their skincare routine, we have broken down the steps below.

  1. Cleansing oil
    Usage: To remove makeup. Perfect for facial massage. Helps your blood to circulate better
  2. Face wash
    Usage: To remove sebum. Cleanse your skin
  3. Exfoliator
    Usage: To remove dead skin cells. Prevents acne and allows your beauty products to be absorbed better
  4. Toner
    Usage: To remove oil. Toner can also be used as facial mist
  5. Essence
    Usage: To add another layer of hydration before you applied serums
  6. Serum
    Usage: Depends on what kind of serum you’re using. In general, the active ingredients can help improve your skin condition
  7. Masks
    Usage: To moisturize, relax, and cleanse your skin
  8. Eye cream
    Usage: To prevent eye bags or other aging signs
  9. Moisturizer
    Usage: To keep your skin moisturized
  10. Sunscreen
    Usage: To protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

Photo credit: Author via Canva and Squareup

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