Fall is approaching!

It feels like summer was just starting yesterday, but now the temperature starts to drop; signaling how fast fall is approaching. If you’re still wondering what to wear during the last few weeks of summer, try taking some fashion tips from our Korean summer fashion trend analysis here and here. But enough with summer! Today we’re taking some fall fashion advice from Korean teens. Through Korean online community Pann, we have gathered their idea of the perfect fall outfits. Check the list below!

  1. Shirt and mini skirt
  2. Knit outer and jeans
  3. Sweater and jeans
  4. Knit top, scarf, and jeans
  5. Mini dress and outer
  6. Long coat and jeans
  7. Suits or blazer
    Photo credit: Respective owner (taken from this post on Nate Pann), author via Canva

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