Goo Hara Found Dead

Kara’s visual, Goo Hara, found dead at her home in Seoul, South Korea on the evening of November 24, 2019.

After the death of Sulli, her best friend— Goo Hara, was also found dead at the age of 28.

The Gangnam Police Department received a report about a death and later on was confirmed that it was Kara’s Goo Hara.

May this year, Goo Hara was also found unconscious due to a suicide attempt inside her home. It was revealed back in May that Hara’s ex-boyfriend threatened the K-pop star to leak her sex video.

Bigbang’s Top, Winner’s former member Taehyun, Korean rapper DinDin, Korea’s acctress Park Minyoung, and more, revealed how close they were with Hara and mourn about Hara’s death.

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