Deleted millions of votes

Mnet’s annual music award MAMA has always been a hot topic among K-Pop fans. This year’s MAMA, however, is especially tense since the winning criteria have been modified. Unlike the past years, the 2017 MAMA’s voting would affect 30% of the judging criteria. This has caused fandoms to intensify their voting effort in order to make sure their favorite artist snatch the number 1 spot. The competition isn’t entirely fair, however, since MAMA noticed that some votes were made using bots – and thus, illegal.

The award show halted fan voting temporarily on Friday (Nov. 3) for four hours. After deleting illegal votes, the accounts of Mnet users found to be rigging the system will be deleted and their IP addresses blocked. This is to ensure that the offense won’t take place in the future.

Photo credit: IBTimes India

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