BTS is set to make a history for the K-Pop world!

The American Music Awards also known as AMAs announced that the trendy k-pop boy group BTS will be performing on their event.

On November 3, American Music Awards revealed a video featuring each members of BTS and also captioned it with “ARMY, IT’S HAPPENING.@BTS_twt U.S. TV DEBUT PERFORMANCE. LIVE 11.19 at 8/7c on ABC. #BTSxAMAs”.

This marks as the first ever TV show performance of BTS in the United States. This will also mark as the first ever K-pop group to perform at the prestigious event.

The ceremony is set to happen on November 19 and it will be aired live on ABC at 8PM EST. Top singers such as Diana Ross, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez and more will also be performing for the event.

Meanwhile, producer of The Ellen Show also hinted that BTS might be on their show.

Congratulations on your US recognition, BTS!

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