Are you ready?

The hottest Korean music award show will be taking place in no time. 2017 MAMA will be held from November 25 through December 1. Just like any other years, this year MAMA has a special theme, this year’s theme is “Coexistence.” This is a representation of the aim to be a global music festival where people of different cultures and languages can coexist in harmony.

Date and Venue

The event will begin on November 25 with 2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam, which will feature Asian artists from Thailand, Singapore, and more as winners and performers. 2017 MAMA in Japan will be held on November 29 and 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong will be held on December 1.
In addition, 2017 MAMA Professional Categories will also be held in Hong Kong on November 30 and go beyond artists to celebrate others that take part in the Asian music industry. Who will win this year’s Daesang? Are you ready to vote for your idols?

Photo credit: Xsportsnews via Naver

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