Fans notice a controversial tweet

Actor Park Bo-Gum is in hot water thanks to a controversial tweet he’s sharing. Through his Twitter handle, @ bogummy, the actor shared details to a ‘prayer assembly’ that will be held in The Seoul City Hall on October 2, 2017. The problem lies, not on the invitation, but rather the denomination he’s being a part of. Park Bo-Gum is a member of Jesus Centered International Unity, which is rumored to be a cult.

Is it really a cult?

While the name of the church may say Jesus Centered, according to the information that has been going around, the religion is more of a blend of Christian, Buddhist, and Shamanistic beliefs and practices. The church is also known for suggesting non-medical approach when a member of the church is sick, but rather, exorcism.

Photo credit: enews24 via Naver

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