Netizens are attacking her body shape

PRISTIN member Kyla has been suffering from malicious comments posted online. The 15-year-old girl easily stands out when performing with her group mates, due to the evident size difference. However, netizens take it up a notch by spreading edited pictures of her (pictures are often stretched in order to make her look bigger than she actually is) and posting comments demanding her to lose weight. Most agree that being thin and managing your weight is a part of being an idol.

Fans refused to cheer for her?

Not only from the public, Kyla also experiences mistreatment from the fandom. A video from their fan signing showed fansite masters (people who run fansites, take idol’s pictures using professional cameras) were taking pictures of other members even when it’s Kyla’s turn to take the stage.

Photo credit: Koreaboo

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