Racist YouTubers

Blackpink received discrimination from two black American YouTubers.


A YouTube account named under JUSTiN’S WORLD made a huge buzz in the K-pop world for disrespecting YG Entertainment’s girl group, Blackpink.

In the video, you can see two black Americans watching Blackpink’s Ddu-du Ddu-du and commenting that Blackpink are wannabe Nicki Minaj, especially Lisa.

One of the reactors called Blackpink as hoes and started comparing American rappers to Blackpink.

One reactor continued that everything came from America and that Blackpink should pay respect. The reactor also mentioned the “N” word.

The same guy said Blackpink’s video is like turning into “The Grudge.” The same guy said that Rose looks like the weakest among the four members of Blackpink. 

Those are just some of the insults they gave to Blackpink. If you can still control yourself and want to watch the entire video of these two YouTubers insulting Blackpink, as well as the entire Asian community, then watch this video below.


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