The actor wrote in his fan cafe

Singer-actor Seo In Guk was embroiled in military exemption controversy earlier this year. As you might have known, every Korean man between 18 and 35 years old have to conscript into the army. However, when he enlisted in the army in March 2017 to fulfill his mandatory service, Seo In Guk was exempted from duty due to osteochondral lesions, which are isolated cartilage/bone lesions that can cause chronic pain in the ankle.

To his fans, he wrote, (some parts are omitted)

“As an actor and a singer, I wanted to confidently serve as an active-duty soldier and fulfill my military duty. So even after the results came out, I kept requesting the hospital to let me stay in the army. I wanted to somehow stay because if I were to leave in that situation, I would be embarrassed. However, the hospital said that because I was not well enough to receive military training, they couldn’t do anything but send me out.”

Seo In Guk ended his letter, saying, “I’ll work hard so that there are only good things in the future. I will do my best so that I can do something in return to make up for the feelings of my fans.

“PS. If you were really hurt, I’m truly sorry. I will definitely heal your hurting heart.”

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Photo credit: Naver Entertainment

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