They are getting married!

Another day, another couple is revealed. Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo from Korea’s popular drama series, Descendants of the Sun, are dating and soon, will be tying the knot. The pair met when they were filming for the drama, and soon they started dating during the filming back in 2015. Even when the drama came to an end, the couple remains strong. It was reported that back in early 2016, Song Joong-Ki even sent snacks to Song Hye-Kyo while she was having a photoshoot. While the two often accompanied one another during their overseas schedules, the pair is known to be quite secretive about the nature of their relationship. Both are known as private individuals who prefer to keep their private lives away from the press. The wedding is set to take place on October 31.

Dispatch’s pictures

Korea’s infamous news site Dispatch has also released pictures of them both following the news of their relationship. Apparently, Dispatch has tracked them down together in Tokyo back in January but decided to wait before releasing the news. We are sincerely congratulating both actors for their beautiful relationship!

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