Blackpink Jennie

Blackpink fans express their anger towards TC Candler, the creator of the annual poll of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year. 

Blackpink fans, who are known for having millions of fans from around the world being the biggest girl group in the world today, were angry towards TC Candler when Blackpink’s fans have been nominating Jennie since the start of the poll for the Most Beautiful Faces of the Year but Blackpink fans believe that TC Candler just ignores their nomination.

Blackpink fans call out TC Candler’s accounts for an alleged manipulation of Blinks votes.

TC Candler then responded and later on deleted their post:

“Jennie has no divine right to be nominated before others.”

This made Blackpink fans expressed their disappointment towards TC Candler and Blinks believe that TC Candler haven’t added Blackpink Jennie yet to keep the engagement of their social media account high as Blackpink fans continue to visit their social media accounts.


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