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Finally! Here are the top 10 most underrated questions that some people need to ask or know about K-pop’s drug-related issues today.

1. Why Seungri and not Jung Joon Young?

It all started when a guy named “K” who was dragged outside Burning Sun by Burning Sun staff for allegedly harrassing a woman inside the club, accused Bigbang Seungri, whom Seungri doesn’t know personally, for drug issues.

“K” revealed that he has proof against Seungri but later on, it was revealed that the source of “K” accusations is Jang Joon Young’s Kakao Talk Chats and not Seungri’s Kakao Talk chats?

Why did “K” mentioned Seungri’s name first? Is it because Seungri is part of Bigbang and is the face of Burning Sun? What is “K” real intention?

2. Who is “K?”

Have you ever wondered who is this “K?” How did he know about Jung Joon Young’s  Kakao Talk chats before it was revealed by the media? Why did he attack Seungri first without mentioning Jung Joon Young?

Just because “K” accused and drop Seungri’s name first, it made people think that the sources were Seungri’s Kakao Talk chatrooms. But the truth is, it was Jung Joon Young’s chat rooms where Seungri is not even part of some.

3. Why is it taking a long time for authorities to make a final decision about Seungri’s cases while it took just days to convict Jung Joon Young? 

Up until today, after almost 20 hours of one-on-one investigation with Seungri, for more than 3 months, authorities are still not releasing final verdict about Seungri’s case. Though he was already cleared on some cases, authorities still haven’t released official statement about the other cases as the proof presented against Seungri are not that strong and mostly came from rumors presented by Korean media outlets.

4. Why reveal about iKON Hanbin’s drug issue just now?

Why is iKON Hanbin’s drug issue was just released now after he collaborated with Lee Hi’s long awaited comeback and when iKON already revealed their preparation for their comeback? When this was already discovered three years ago, why did the Korean media just released this news now?

5. Why are the names involved are only from YG Entertainment?

You may have noticed that YG Entertainment’s artist have been mentioned on different issues every month this year, and has been closely followed by Korean media outlets since Bigbang’s global success almost a decade ago. If you’ve been in this industry for a long time, you have probably witnessed how the Korean media scrutinized YG Entertainment’s artists since Bigbang’s global success, but the worst is during Bigbang’s hiatus due to Bigbang’s military enlistment. During Bigbang military enlistment, Bigbang even became the highlight of Korean media outlets. But what do you think would happen once Bigbang comeback this year?

Despite all the never ending accusations and their stock price being immensely affected by the issues, YG Entertainment still continue to survive through the massive success of every music they release.

6. Why is there a never ending investigation towards YG Entertainment artists when most of these drug issues point to one person?

Recently, a woman’s name has been revealed that put a common ground to all the drug related issues within YG Entertainment’s artists. “H,” which is not her real name, has been rumored as one of YG Entertainment’s former trainee who wasn’t able to debut due to attitude issues. “H” was once a trainee in some other companies as well.

The investigations continue to revolve around YG Entertainment when it has been revealed that the sources of these all came from someone who’s outside YG Entertainment’s artists. Which means, there’s a crime happening outside YG Entertainment and was able to get in within YG Entertainment’s premises through “H.” But, who knows, authorities might already be on it now.

7. Who is this “H?”

“H” has been part of the several scandals in the K-pop industry, not only with YG Entertainment artists, but as well as with the most popular K-pop artists today from the biggest entertainment labels.

“H” has been involved in Bigbang TOP’s scandal. While TOP was heavily scrutinized by the world due to the marijuana scandal, “H” was living freely and even went live on Instagram telling everyone the alleged size of Top’s private part and was even cursing heavily during the live feed with huge laughs.

7. Why is “H” living wild and free despite all the drug issues?

Despite everything and with no sign of regret from her drug issues, “H” continued to live freely, travelling here and there. It has been rumored that “H” is a daughter of a wealthy family in South Korea. But what is really the background of “H” and what is her family’s businesses when “H” continues to be part of never ending drug-related issues?

8. Why did “K” and “H” once followed each other on Instagram?

“K,” the person who accused Seungri for the Burning Sun drug issues, and “H” once followed each other on Instagram. But later on, Han Seo Hee’s followers no longer show Kim Sang Kyo but Kim Sang Kyo still continues to follow Han Seo Hee on Instagram.

9. How do all these represent the credibility of South Korea’s justice system?

When the Korean police started investigating rumors that were initiated by the Korean media, doesn’t this show some leads as to what the Korean media really know, or who are the Korean media people are connected to as they reveal rumor first way before the Korean police find out about these accusations?

10. Can we really trust South Korea’s media?

But what do the Korean media really know? How did they know about these rumors? How deep do they know about all these cases? Who gave them a tip regarding these rumors? What are truly their intentions for releasing these rumors?



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