Korean Dramas

What are the HOTTEST Korean dramas today?

Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Korean Dramas today, worldwide.

  1. Vagabond

    If you’re into action dramas, this is the perfect drama for you. Starring three of the most renowned actors in the Korean drama scene— Shin Sung Rok, Suzy Bae, and Lee Seung Gi, Vagabond is truly the highly talked about Korean drama today not just in Korea, but worldwide.

  2. Extraordinary You


    Every romantic-comedy lovers will surely love this new Korean drama. A mix of funny and romantic moments that can surely hook you up to this drama. Add to that the versatility of the actors in this drama. This is a must-watch!

  3. Melting Me Softly


    This is a Sci-Fi Korean drama filled with funny and romantic scenes. Bodies that were stored for years and waking up looking the same? They have to maintain a certain body temperature in order to survive. If you’re a big fan of Ji Changwook, check out Melting Me Softly now!

  4. The Tale of Nokdu

    This is a Korean drama about a man who disguises as a woman to enter a mysterious women-only village and a young woman who does not want to become a kisaeng. Check out Tale of Nokdu now!

  5. Graceful Family

    This is a story about a chaebol who mourns over his mother’s cruel death fifteen years ago. An heiress of a large company in South Korea who looks arrogant but is determined to uncover the real murderer of her mother. Who’s the murderer? Watch Graceful Family now!

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