TREASURE dropped three latest teaser posters featuring Yoshi, Bang Ye Dam, & Haruto.

On the 7th, YG Entertainment posted three lyric posters for the title song ‘MY TREASURE’ on the official blog of Haruto, Yedam Bang, and Yoshi, the title song of Treasure’s first album.

In the poster, there is a picture of the members smiling brightly against a blue clear sky without a single cloud, green trees, and balloons symbolizing the members’ refreshing visuals and hope.

Yoshi’s lyric teaser says, “Come whenever to me, and hold my hand,” BangYe Dam’s teaser says, “When tomorrow comes, a shining presence,” and Haruto’s states, “Don’t ever lose your smile.”

The warm lyrics filled with the sincerity of the Treasure members aroused the sympathy of numerous global fans and raised expectations for the three remaining posters.

The YG Entertainment rookie group will be dropping their first full-length album ‘The First Step: Treasure Effect’ and “My Treasure” on January 11 KST.

Stay tuned for updates on TREASURE’s comeback!

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