Nowadays, the Ulzzang and Gyaru style are being adapted by girls all over the world. Both looks are gorgeous, cute and hot. Sometimes we get confused as to what is Gyaru style and what is Ulzzang style. To avoid looking like a mashup version of Gyaru and Ulzzang, here is a simple comparison of both styles to help you achieve the look for each style.


  • Gyaru – Japanese translation for Gal
  • Originated in Japan during the 70’s
  • Popular with teenage girls
  • Has many sub categories
  • Most popular sub category is Princess Gyaru or Doll Gyaru
  • Depending on the Sub Category the hair can be big and colorful or curled and Doll like.
  • Makeup  – This depends on what type of gyaru you want to look like. Goth gyarus go for a darker shades of lipstick, eyeshadow and lots of eyeliner. While Doll gyarus go for really big eyes, false eyelashes and uses highlights and contours.
  • Clothes – Since there are a lot of sub categories of gyaru it would depend as to what you want to achieve. You can wear dark vampire like clothes to very exaggerated princess clothes with matching old school umbrella.Popular Gyarus– Namie Amuro



  • Ulzzang – literally means “Best face” or “Good looking”
  • Originated in South Korea
  • Started as a Online competition then evolved into a style
  • The Hair is kept simple ( straight or slightly curled)
  • Clothes – simple and cute. Colorful jeans and vintage top like the “GEE” look is a great example. Oversized sweaters or shirts also work. Pretty simple dresses are must have too.
  • Make-up  – Remain very simple and clear the main focus of the makeup is the eyes. Unlike western method of makeup Ulzzangs avoid contouring.
  • Very popular in Hallyu and Kpop stars
  • Popular Ulzzangs  – Shin Ae Sol and Hong Young Ki 

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