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More and more people are joining the Ulzzang trend today, but can you really look like one? The answer is fairly simple. Yes! Achieving the Ulzzang beauty is not as hard as it looks and with our five simple steps, you can look like a beauty in a breeze!

1. Wear a good BB (Blemish Balm) Cream. Having a flawless, white skin is one of the key to perfecting an Ulzzang look. But this doesn’t mean caking your face with foundation. You want to look as natural as possible and you want to wear something that doesn’t look heavy. BB Creams are so popular today and what’s great about them is they give you the right coverage. Some use it as a moisturizer, primer and even as sunblock!


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2. Use a pair of circle contact lenses. Larger eyes are another trademark of people who pull off the Ulzzang look. If wearing makeup is just isn’t enough to make your eyes seem bigger, consider wearing circle lenses that gives you the illusion of having large eyes especially black ones. But be careful in wearing them so make sure you see an Ophthalmologist to find the best pair for you!


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3. Accentuate your eyes with a thin layer of black eyeliner. Make your eyes pop by applying a thin layer of black eyeliner to your upper lids. If you want something edgy, you can trace the lower lids and create a great cat-eye look!


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4. Consider applying mascara or wearing false eyelashes. Ulzzang beauties have really great eyes and you can wear false eyelashes to make your eyes look even more dramatic. But keep in mind that you want to look natural as much as possible so stay away from really thick falsies and if you’re not into fake lashes, enhance yours naturally by wearing a good mascara!


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5. Sweep some nude eyeshadow to your lids and wear a gloss. You can achieve a natural looking makeup by using skin tones than colorful ones especially dark ones. Nude colors go well with most outfits so you don’t have to worry about your makeup complimenting your clothes. Don’t forget to plump up your lips with a nice gloss. Finish your look with a light lip tint and a lip gloss!


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The key to achieving the Ulzzang beauty is to enhance your natural beauty and making you look beautiful without putting in much effort and just keeping you look simple. In this case, it is safe to say that less, is always more! Follow these five simple steps and you’re good to go!

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