iKON Fans
iKON fans go wild and crazy over iKON at HongKong airport.


iKON arrived yesterday in HongKong for their Continue tour.

It’s been awhile since iKON’s last performance in HongKong which made iKON fans miss the YG group’s presence.

Indeed, iKON’s fans didn’t let this opportunity pass as they gave iKON a crazy and warm welcome inside HongKong airport.

It was too wild and crazy that HongKong airport’s security guard were pushed over by fans.

Some fans were also pushed by some security since some fans were already going wild and crazy.

iKON will have their iKON Continue Tour on November 25 at Asia World Expo Arena.

Check out iKON fans go crazy over iKON at the airport:

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