Jennie reigns as she won #1 in Inkigayo.


Jennie has proven that YG Entertainment is indeed the home of legends as she won #1 in Inkigayo with an insane gap of score from Twice and BTOB’s scores in Inkigayo.

Aside from the fact that Jennie is becoming the fashion icon of the new generation of K-pop idols, Jennie is also becoming one of the legendary artists in the new generation of K-pop artists.

Being successful as a Blackpink member is already one thing to be proud of, add to that becoming a Chanel ambassadress and now a successful solo artist.

Indeed, Jennie is becoming a legend in the Korean music and global fashion industry as much as how Blackpink became a monster in the K-pop industry.

Check out Jennie’s winning speech in Inkigayo below:

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