Despite iKON’s ups and downs, this brand didn’t leave iKON.


iKON’s most loyal brand since debut is none other than Nivea Korea.

iKON has been with Nivea for three years already.

It all started when iKON’s Yunhyeong revealed that he’s been using Nivea ever since highschool to keep his lips moist and soft.

During Mix and Match— YG Entertainment’s survival show and iKON’s second survival show, iKON leader, Hanbin gifted Yunhyeong more or less 20 Nivea lipbalms for Christmas because all of them know how much Yunhyeong love to use it.

After iKON’s debut, Yunhyeong then became Nivea Korea’s official ambassador and had his first ever solo Nivea commercial.

And indeed, no one can beat an ambassador who truly uses the product and never leaves the product even when performing in music shows.

Later on, all iKON members became the ambassador of Nivea since all of them have been using Nivea lipbalms with Yunhyeong’s influence.

Despite iKON’s ups and downs, Nivea didn’t leave iKON and been with iKON just like how iKON’s true supporters never leave iKON.

Check out iKON’s latest commercials for Nivea.

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