iKON Members

iKON members bravely faced their consequence and conquered their fear of heights by surviving bungee jumping.


In the last episode of iKON TV, iKON members played a game wherein they Ju-Ne would sing out loud and the other six iKON members who were grouped by pair need to find Ju-Ne just by listening to him singing.

The last two people to find Ju-Ne would have to do bungee jumping as a consequence.

That’s how Jinhwan (Jay) and Chanwoo (Chan) ended up doing the bungee jumping since they were the last two people who reached Ju-Ne’s location.

Other iKON members were very nervous seeing the two members faced their fate.

Chanwoo who did the bungee jumping first, and he said a few touching messages for iKON and the staff before doing the activity.

After seeing the maknae conquered bungee jumping, despite having fear of heights, Jinhwan still conquered the activity. Before doing bungee jumping, he said a few sweet words for iKON that will surely touch your heart.

Watch iKON TV full episode here:

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