VIXX’s Ken Caught Scribbling Swear Words

VIXX’s Ken has been caught writing profanities on sketchbook during a broadcast. VIXX’s official YouTube channel uploaded a teaser for “2017 빅스상사” to commemorate VIXX’s 5th year anniversary. The video in question then sparked a controversy among fans and non-fans; since member Ken was caught writing expletives on the sketchbook provided. What he wrote could be translated as “F****ng b*****rd, why did you hit me you f****ng b**ch.” Needless to say, when the screencap of the scene made its way to the internet, Ken received quite a backlash.

Ken’s Apology

Hours within the news release, Ken released an apology statement. Regarding the controversy,  he wrote, “I’m sorry for the swearing controversy… I’ll be more careful.” However, the public isn’t entirely appeased by his statement. VIXX is currently promoting their latest song, Shangri-La.

Photo credit: Jellyfish Entertainment official website

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