After all the speculations regarding monster rookie Wanna One’s comeback, it’s finally confirmed!

There has been several reports regarding the comeback of Wanna One on late February or early March but finally, their agency revealed the real date.

On February 20, reports circulated that Wanna One is set to release their mini album on March 19. Later on YMC Entertainment confirmed the news and shared, “Yes, we’re confirming that Wanna One will have their comeback on March 19.”

The group also finished the filming of their music video and they are in the polishing stages for this upcoming comeback.

It’s also evident that for this comeback, Wanna One will be busy appearing not only on music shows but also on variety programs. They already went to “I Can See Your Voice” that garnered the highest rating. They are set to appear on “Knowing Brothers”, “Radio Star”, and “Sugar Man 2”.

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