Part 2

We previously released an article that summarizes 2017’s K-Pop. Let’s see the second part of the series!

  1. Si-Won
    Si-Won of Super Junior shocked the K-Pop scene, and the public, with his dog controversy. His pet French bulldog bit a CEO of a Korean cuisine restaurant chain to death. Read more here.
  2. EXO
    Labeled ‘King of K-Pop’, the SM Entertainment’s boy group had a successful year wrapping their EXO’rDIUM tour with an encore concert held in South Korea’s biggest stadium, Jamsil Stadium. Their ‘The War’ album also scored over 1 million sales, making it their fourth consecutive platinum album. Read more here.
  3. Jonghyun
    SHINee’s vocalist Jonghyun committed suicide and sent a shock to the entire K-Pop fandom. Read more here.

    Photo credit: Author via Canva

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