On January 4, fans were enraged upon finding out that a rapper from Vietnam plagiarized iKon B.I.’s song.

The Vietnamese rapper who plagiarized iKon B.I.’s song is Lil Shady.

When the K-pop fans found out about the video on YouTube, the fans immediately reported the video and was eventually taken down by YouTube.

After the video was taken down, no words or reaction were heard from the Vietnamese rapper.

The YouTube video of Lil Shady’s song can no longer be found. Unfortunately, the rapper continued posting his song on other social media platforms such as Facebook.

The fact that the Vietnamese rapper continued posting the videos and still didn’t credit iKon’s B.I. made the music fans even angrier towards the rapper.

Rapper Lil Shady is now known as one of the foreign rappers who plagiarized iKon B.I.’s song.

The worst part? In the Vietnamese rapper’s song, the song has a lyrics saying, “We the originals, baby.”

Check out B.I.’s live performance of his song 4 years ago in Show Me The Money 3 and Lil Shady’s plagiarized song below. See the huge similarity of the instrumentals.

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