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Do you know that YG artists and trainees have released new songs that were not officially promoted in South Korea?

iKON’s B.i., YG trainees’ Millenium and Bang Yedam, are just some of the people from YG Entertainment who secretly released songs that were not officially released and promoted in South Korea.

They usually release it on Soundcloud which only a few people know.

iKON’s B.i. revealed that the songs that he uploaded on his official Soundcloud channel are just demo version of his songs that won’t be part of iKON’s album or his solo album.

Meanwhile, YG trainees like Millenium and Bang Yedam create music just for fun and out from their pure passion in creating amazing songs.

Millenium, whose real name is Choi Raesung, was supposed to be part of YG’s Treasure Box along with Bang Yedam and Choi Hyunsuk but decided to end his idol dream and instead, he chose to become one of YG’s producers.

Millenium has been part of iKON’s Bling Bling and Love Scenario.

He appeared in JYP’s show when JYP’s Stray Kids went to YG Entertainment to have a fun match with YG’s trainees.

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Bang Yedam is now set to debut as one of the vocalists of YG’s newest boy group.

iKON’s B.i. and Millenium are best friends. They usually hangout in one of YG’s music studio with their non-YG artists friends.

Check out some amazing songs that YG trainees and artists have unofficially released on their respective music channel accounts:

iKON’s B.i. (Kim Hanbin)

Millenium (Choi Raesung)

Bang Yedam


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