YG Entertainment
YG Entertainment’s baby groups will have a collaboration in YG’s X Academy.


BlackWinKon is indeed happening as Yang Hyun Suk posted on his Instagram account the dance collaboration of Blackpink’s Lisa, Winner’s Seunghoon, and iKON’s DK.

Everyone was all surprised to finally witness this long-awaited moment where YG Entertainment’s new groups show their interaction to the public.

Thanks to YG Entertainment’s X Academy, we’ll finally get to see legendary dance performances happening soon from YG Entertainment’s groups.

YG Entertainment already revealed that Lisa is the best dancer in YG Entertainment.

iKON’s Bobby also revealed that Yang Hyun Suk restricted iKON to meet Blackpink. We hope that this is just the start of more iKON and Blackpink’s interactions.

We’ll also get to meet that amazing brotherhood of iKON and Winner as they share another stage again after WIN (Who Is Next).


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