2ne1 Members

Are 2ne1 members coming to your area?


It looks like 2ne1’s comeback performance is going to be different from what everyone’s expectations.

After 2ne1’s disbandment, people were disappointed not being able to see one of South Korea’s legendary girl groups perform again on stage.

Guess what? We might get a rare chance to see them on stage soon! The catch is, they won’t be performing together this time.

Three of 2ne1 members are rumored to be releasing their new solo songs soon. Park Bom dropped her possible comeback on Instagram, CL’s MV filming was spilled by a popular jewel designer, while Minzy was spotted in a recording studio days ago and was rumored to be preparing for comeback songs.

If 2ne1 members decide to comeback at the same time, there’ll be a high chance for us to see the three of them stand together on a stage this 2018.


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