There’s no doubt that Koreans have great skin and it’s not a secret how they achieve their fair, silky complexion (no, it’s not only because of their makeup!). Having the best skin care products is not enough to get beautiful skin although it also plays a vital role. There are a lot of factors that could help you get better skin. Here are five korean secrets to achieve beautiful skin easily!

Proper hydration can make a huge difference in your skin and in your health. Koreans follow this step by drinking lots of liquids, wet their face with cold water and incorporate fruits & vegetables in their meals. To maintain hydration, decrease your sodium intake.


Having enough sleep is very important in achieveing a healthy skin. Your skin rejuvenates naturally and repairs itself giving you a glowing skin when you wake up. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and feel the difference in your skin and overall health.

Do not underestimate the power of a great night cream. Go for natural products that is not harsh on your skin. Hydrating night creams lock in moisture so you’ll wake up with healthier looking skin.


Facial stretching exercise is a common asian practice especially with the lip and cheek muscles. Coordinating your breath with these exercises can help tone your facial muscles. If you don’t know any facial exercises, try repeating “ma me mi mo mu” ten times. Or try facial yoga!

Last but not the least, use natural skin care products as much as possible. Asian brands have gained popularity especially Korean products like Etude House. Koreans are known to use a lot of products on their face, yes, as much as 15 products! But if the result is a smooth and healthy skin, we definitely don’t mind! Visit UlzzangStyle for excellent Korean products!


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