The easiest way to enhance your beauty is to find your best feature and accentuate it. If your lips gets complimented a lot, that means you’re very lucky because they very easy to play with. With all the different colors of lipsticks available in the market today, you can easily change your look in seconds!

One of our favorite lip lacquers today is from 3 Concept Eyes. There are so many shades to choose from and it’s light on the lips. If you want to buy this lip lacquer, Ulzzang Style has 11 shades available!

3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer has a liquid-lipstick type formula that gives soft cashmere lips with a bright, neat and non-sticky finish.


More vivid than lipstick! This product’s color shines through just as it appears in the tube. Express your mood with your color of choice without worrying about how dark your natural lip color is.


Cashmere texture. Lip-hugging gel based texture feels creamy when applied. Leaves a soft and matte finish.


Light and natural application! Non-sticking long-lasting formula that leaves lips moisturised and light, without clogging.


Mix and Match. Try various colors with the easily mixable cashmere gel texture. Can be used for gradation lips.


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