BABYMONSTER Asa amused fans with her shy public interaction with Treasure’s Jihoon.

Although BABYMONSTER has yet to debut, Asa has already given fans an enjoyable interaction with their YG Entertainment seniors TREASURE. When Treasure’s Jihoon entered inside YG’s new building, he had an amusing experience with Babymonster’s Asa.

As Jihoon was bowing to those inside, he saw his junior Asa looking down at her phone. When she looked up and saw him in front of her, her quick-thinking kicked in and she abruptly turned around to walk away. Despite the surprise, she still managed to bow in respect as she made her getaway. Jihoon also bowed to his junior in return.

Fans not only related to Asa’s shyness, but they were pleased to observe the two YG Entertainment labelmates have a fun interaction.

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