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Beauty gurus often make use of platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to share their makeup tips and skincare routine. If you’re interested in Korean beauty and ulzzang makeup, you need to know which YouTuber you need to follow closely. This time, we have compiled several of the most influential beauty gurus from Korea. Check out the list below!

1. Pony Makeup

Pony is perhaps the most famous out of them all. What started as a small beauty channel has turned to a successful business for her. She even worked with K-Pop star CL as her makeup artist. Check out her channel for more interesting videos.

2. Ssin-nim

Ssin is particularly known for her frank speech, funny facial expressions, and her trademark short haircut. If you’re into beauty and fun, she’s the go-to channel.

3. Daddoa

Daddoa is a young beauty YouTuber specializing in chic, daily Korean makeup for the youngsters.

Stay tuned for more Korean beauty channel recommendations!

Photo credit: Author via Canva

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