Beauty YouTuber Risabae

We are back with another series of beauty YouTubers you need to subscribe, like right now! Previously we talked about makeup geniuses Pony and Ssin-nim but today we’ll take a look at Risabae! The YouTuber is famous for being singer Sunmi’s look-alike so we’ll let you judge her makeup cover videos!

  • Sunmi’s Gashina
    A top hit song and a top hit makeup tutorial! This video actually went viral so make sure you watch this!

  •  IU’s Palette
    It’s not just Sunmi, Risabae can also perfectly transforms herself to balladeer IU with her extraordinary makeup skill!

  • Zombie
    Not limited to female singers, the beauty guru also wows with her intricate makeup for this zombie-inspired look.

Source: Risabae on YouTube

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