Bigbang Slay
Bigbang’s new track, “Flower Road,” snatched the no.1 spot in all Korean music charts. 


And most of all, Bigbang is back with five members!

After one year and three months, Bigbang has finally dropped a new song as a surprise for all VIPs around the world.

When four Bigbang member started their military service, VIPs were a bit sad that they won’t be able to hear new songs from Bigbang during their 2-year military service. BUT! Bigbang surely have their ways on how to surprise their fans. Despite being in the military, they still know how to keep their fandom entertained.

“Flower Road” is one of the unreleased tracks during Bigbang’s “MADE” era. The song was written by G-Dragon and T.O.P., as they were thinking about their upcoming military enlistments back then.

As of 1:00 A.M. KST, Flower Road already achieved 6 Real Time-All-Kill (RAK). This means that Flower Road is no.1 in all Korean music charts for 6 hours after the song was released.

Even without promotions, Bigbang was still able to snatch the no.1 spot in all Korean music charts. It even achieved Melon roof hits!

This shows how legendary Bigbang’s legacy is in the K-pop industry.

Without a doubt, Bigbang members are indeed the Kings of Kpop.

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