BTOB Member

iKON, the youngest boy group of YG Entertainment, just received another confession from a member of a K-pop legendary boy group.

Recently, iKON members guested MBC’s Idol Radio.

BTOB’s Ilhoon, who happens to be the host of the radio show, revealed that he’s a huge fan of iKON.

iKON members noticed that BTOB’s Ilhoon acts awkwardly around iKON members.

That’s when Ilhoon revealed his adoration for iKON’s songs.

He also revealed that he always listens to iKON’s songs, especially when iKON release new songs.

He feels excited whenever iKON release new songs.

Donghyuk noticed that Ilhoon couldn’t look at Jinhwan at the eye.

That’s when Ilhoon revealed that he’s a huge fan of iKON, that’s why he couldn’t look at Jinhwan straight to his eyes.


Ilhoon also revealed iKON members are amazing inspirations to BTOB.

He revealed that he love “Love Scenario” so much. He also thought that the songs would perfectly fit BTOB as well.

Before the show ended, Ilhoon gave a sweet message to iKON.

“Please take care of yourselves. I would like to collaborate with you soon. You guys are a great inspiration to me. Keep up the good work guys!”


Do you want to see the collaboration of iKON and BTOB? 

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