B.I. Trends #1 Worldwide, Releases NEW Heartaching Song On SoundCloud

iKON's former leader, B.I., trends no.1 worldwide after coming back with a new heartaching song on SoundCloud. After months of being invisible, B.I. surprised everyone today with a new demo...
Twice's Momo

[BREAKING!!!] Twice’s Momo and Super Junior’s Heechul Are Officially Dating!

JYP Entertainment officially announced that Twice's Momo is dating Super Junior's Heechul. On January 2, K-pop fans were surprised when JYP Entertainment released an official announcement confirming Twice's Momo dating...

iKONICS Welcome 2020 With An iKON OT7 Ad In Seoul Station

iKONICS surprised everyone with an iKON OT7 Ad all around Seoul Station 1 until January 15! Though iKON had one of their toughest years in 2019, iKONICS continue to remain...
Blackpink Lisa

Fans Spotted BLACKPINK Lisa Eating On The Sidewalk With Friends

Fans were surprised to spot Blackpink Lisa enjoying her free time with her friends on the sidewalk! Blackpink Lisa, a worldwide superstar, was spotted by fans loving a simple life...
Kreisha Chu

Kreisha Chu Releases Christmas Song Cover of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

Kreisha Chu gave her fans a treat with her Christmas song cover of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." It's been awhile since we heard Kreisha's vocals....
Sandara Park

Sandara Park Releases Cute Cover of Meteor Garden’s ‘Ni Yao De Ai’

Sandara Park surprises all her fans when she released a cover of Meteor Garden OST's "Ni Yao De Ai." Sandara Park has not gotten over the Meteor Garden fever yet....
Christmas Song

Four K-Pop Singers Release Christmas Song Covers In 2019

Yes! K-pop fans are in for a lot of Christmas song covers this December as Blackpink's Rosé, AkMu's Suhyun, Blue.D, and Twice's Nayeon released their Christmas song covers. Who would've...
Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s Wendy Falls Off The Stage During SBS Inkigayo 2019’s Rehearsal

Red Velvet's Wendy accidentally fell off the stage while doing rehearsals for their SBS Inkigayo 2019's stage. While Wendy was practicing for their SBS Inkigayo 2019 stage, she accidentally fell...

[VIDEO] Treasure13 Spotted Filming For Official Debut MV?

Fans spotted Treasure13 filming at Namsan Tower on December 20, 2019. Tourists and locals were all surprised when they saw YG Entertainment's staff filming YG's Treasure 13 trainees. Treasure 13 was...

G-Dragon & Jennie Visit Mino’s Debut As A Painter

G-dragon and Jennie showed their family-like support for Mino's official debut as an artist. Aside from their unique vocals and extraordinary skills in producing world class music, some of YG...

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