YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s New Gen of Fashion Icons Attend International Brand Fashion Events

YG Entertainment's Blackpink Jennie, iKON Bobby, and Winner Mino, attend different international brand fashion events representing Korea's new gen of idols. YG Entertainment's artists are indeed representing Korea in the...
Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae Officially Leaves JYP Entertainment

Suzy Bae officially left JYP Nation. After nine years being part of JYP Nation, Suzy is officially leaving her first home company. Suzy Bae is the only artist from JYP Nation...

BLACKPINK Jennie & Pharrell Williams To Perform At Chanel’s Party For Seoul Fashion Week

Blackpink Jennie will perform at the same event with Pharrell Williams. Jennie proves that she's indeed the "Human Chanel." International artist Pharrell Williams will soon be visiting South Korea to...
Sandara Park

Lee Yong Jin Insults 2ne1 Sandara Park’s Talent On National TV

Comedian Lee Yong Jin blatantly doubts 2ne1 Sandara Park's hosting skill on National TV. On the recent episode of Video Star, comedian Lee Yong Jin said to everyone on national...
Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel Battles A Legal Dispute Against LM Entertainment

Kang Daniel is battling a legal dispute against his current label, LM Entertainment. When the rumors spread online about Seungri being involved in Kang Daniel's case, Kang Daniel immediately released...

BLACKPINK Jennie Goes Blonde For Their New Song ‘Kill This Love’

After the long wait, Blackpink Jennie finally tried a different hair color, two years after debut! Fans had been requesting Jennie to try a blonde hair for once, and request...

YG Entertainment Drops BLACKPINK Lisa’s Comeback Teaser

Blackpink is officially making a comeback and dropped Blackpink Lisa's comeback teaser! After months of waiting, Blackpink will soon another phenomenal song that all Blinks will surely enjoy. Blackpink will have...
Welcome To Waikiki

‘Welcome To Waikiki’ Season 2 Will Start Airing Tonight!

"Welcome to Waikiki" Season 2 is officially coming soon with new casts! After the huge success of "Welcome to Waikiki" in 2018, the season 2 will start airing tonight. Though some...
Conor McGregor

MMA Champion Conor McGregor Follows iKON Junhoe On Instagram!

iKON Junhoe became a true successful fanboy when Conor McGregor followed him on Instagram! iKON Junhoe has always been vocal about him being a huge fan of Conor McGregor. He even...
Jang Ja Yeon

The Untold Mystery of Jang Ja-Yeon’s Case Could Reveal K-Pop’s Dirtiest Secret?

Why is Jang Ja-Yeon's suicide and sexual assault case could be bigger than you could have ever imagined? Jang Ja-Yeon's suicide and sexual assault case has been ignored for 10...

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Super Junior

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Harry Styles

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NCT 127

NCT 127 Drops Heroic Teaser For Comeback

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