His controversial behavior

Rapper San-E is in hot water due to his reckless, controversial behavior. When attending recent event ‘Ansan Friendship Super Show’ to celebrate the relations between Vietnam and South Korea, San-E, along with Red Velvet’s Irene and GOT7’s Jackson were the MCs. However, viewers were taken aback after San-E out of the blue went up to Irene and put his arm on her shoulder while looking in the direction of Red Velvet fans and sticking his tongue out. Irene, who likely met him for the first time, was visibly stunned by the gesture.

He also performed a very explicit song, ‘Sour Grapes’ while pointing at Irene at a certain part of the song. His behavior caused Red Velvet’s fans to complain about the happening and demanded him to apologize.

Photo credit: StarNews via Naver.

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