Somi, Yoojung, and Sohye

Three former members of now-disbanded I.O.I get caught with alcohol bottles. All three of them are underage; with Sohye turned 18 in July, Yoojung will turn 18 in November and Somi is 16. The legal drinking age in South Korea is 19. The fiasco started when Somi uploaded a picture of all three of them having a little party to her Instagram. Eagle-eyed netizens quickly discovered empty alcohol bottles in the background. Somi immediately deleted the post.

Yoojung reps deny the rumor

Fantagio Entertainment who’s representing Yoojung clarified, “The drinks belong to the adult in the house.” However, netizens have a hard time believing the official statement since Sohye was accused of being an iljin (Korean term for bullies – they are known for their problematic behaviors) before. Also, Somi and Sohye’s reps have not commented on the issue.

Photo credit: Osen via Naver

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