G-dragon surprised everyone after posting a cryptic screenshot on his official Instagram account.

It has been almost a year since G-dragon posted on his Instagram before his military service.

Today, G-Dragon surprised everyone with a new cryptic post that made everyone wonder about what his post really is about.

gd, gdragon, and gif image

G-Dragon posted photos of Nietzsche’s works and a screenshot of his lock screen with time and date.

G-Dragon posted a chapter with the title “How to live” and “Bet on not your country’s ideals, but your ideals.”

G-Dragon posted those with the caption, “2019.02.11 Everyone say ‘hello,’” paired with a hashtag using “Nietzsche’s Words.”

G-Dragon then trended on Twitter. G-Dragon’s post already reached more than 1,000,000 million likes and more than 100,000 comments on Instagram after a few hours.

gdragon, gif, and jiyong image

What do you think is the meaning of G-Dragon’s Instagram post? Is it a hint for Bigbang’s comeback after their military service? Let’s find out soon!


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