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A video of Koide Misato has gone viral on Twitter as two men insulted her while she was selling her album on the street.

Koide Misato, a Youtuber who is also a singer from Japan, became a hot topic on Twitter when a video of her has gone viral on Twitter.

In the video, a man was taking a video of his friend buying an album from Koide Misato on the street. After Koide Misato handed the album to the man, the man then dropped the album and stepped on it in front of Koide Misato. The man who was taking the video even laughed after his friend stepped on the album.

Netizens couldn’t help but feel angry towards the two men and felt bad for Koide Misato.

Netizens sent their heartfelt support for Koide Misato after watching the video.

To show your support for Koide Misato, you may check her YouTube channel here:

Good By Gloomy (click the link)

Watch the viral video of two men stepping on Koide Misato’s album infront of the singer:

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