Hungry Husband
iKON’s Double B shippers are rejoicing as MBC announces that B.i. and Bobby will release a self-produced song on Sunday for the cast of “Hungry Husband.”


iKON B.i. and Bobby became a guest in MBC’s “Hungry Husband” where the two YG artist trained celebrities to turn into Korean idols/rappers.

B.i. and Bobby produced a song for the cast and will be released this Sunday on all major South Korean music charts.

B.i. and Bobby turned Jasper Cho (Cho Tae Kwan) became “Lil Kwan,” Kwon Oh Joong became “LL O.J,” Kim Yong Man became “Big Man,” Ahn Jung Hwan became “Ring Kiss,” and Cha In Pyo became “Cha Cha.”

iKON B.i. and Bobby are the main composers of iKON.

In iKON’s three years in the industry, they already made a lot of successful songs and one of the major contributions of their songs is their relatable lyrics.

Are you excited for iKON’s new self-produced song that will be sung by men celebrities?

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